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Check out the on-demand video recording of the June 2024 Spark User Summit: Using Prisma Cloud with Terraform.  
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  Prisma Cloud helps to gain visibility into your cloud services and assets running within your cloud environments. When you add your cloud account to Prisma Cloud, the API integration between your cloud infrastructure provider and Prisma Cloud is established and you can begin monitoring the resources and identify potential security risks in your infrastructure. Watch this demo with RD Singh, Sr. Customer Success Engineer, to learn how to connect your GCP project to Prisma Cloud. To read the step-by-step instructions outlined in this video,
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Demo Agenda:  Connect your Cloud Platform (GCP) to Prisma Cloud   Prerequisites:   Admin access to GCP Console. Admin access to SAAS console.
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Demo Agenda:  Prisma Cloud Compute Defender Automation   Prerequisites:   Access to Live Community Article:         Runtime Security: Auto-deploy DaemonSet Defender using Kubernetes Service Account Admin access to AWS and Prisma Cloud console EKS Cluster   Steps   Create service account Generate kubeconfig to authenticate with EKS Cluster Configure authentication credentials in the Prisma Cloud console Deploy /upgrade the defender
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In this session we will display how Prisma Cloud provides how Prisma Cloud provides Code-to-Cloud protection to prevent application risks and breaches. See how you can leverage the workflows that enable a superior user experience for security and development teams to work together.
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In this session we will discuss what the top trends are in cloud security and how breach response looks like in the current cloud landscape. What are the actions a company should take ahead of time, and what issues arise after a breach occurs. This talk will also focus on vulnerability MGMT, and the best practices for avoiding incidents.
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Join us to talk about the latest release in Data Security, learn more about Data Security Posture Management. We will discuss how to protect your data in your cloud infrastructure with Prisma Cloud Data Security for AWS and Azure.
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