Connecting your Cloud Platforms to Prisma Cloud

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By RD Singh, Senior Customer Success Engineer



Prisma Cloud helps to gain visibility into your cloud services and assets running within your cloud environments. When you add your cloud account to Prisma Cloud, the API integration between your cloud infrastructure provider and Prisma Cloud is established and you can begin monitoring the resources and identify potential security risks in your infrastructure. Watch this demo with RD Singh, Sr. Customer Success Engineer, to learn how to connect your GCP project to Prisma Cloud. To read the step-by-step instructions outlined in this video, visit our TechDoc:

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Need more details and/or videos about onboarding to other platforms, such as Azure and AWS. Mainly Azure at this point. Especially the pre-requisites about creating an Enterprise App and AD Object - it's very vague and unclear, and you should document full detailed example and, where possible, a full video, with an example. For example: pre-req Step 1 B: "

  • Pre-Req 1 B. To onboard your Azure subscription on Prisma Cloud, set up an Active Directory application object (Application Client ID) and an Enterprise Application Object ID that together enable API access."

NOTE: The above badly in need of further explanation, exact detailed example, etc.

For example, I suppose the assumption is that we use the "Create your own application" in Azure "Enterprise applications;" but that is not made crystal clear in your documentation. To make it more confusing, there IS an Enterprise App called "Prisma Cloud SSO," but I'm sure that's a completely different app, but it adds to the confusion and lack of clarity. AND, in "Create your own application" in Azure, there are 3 options: 1. "Configure Application Proxy for secure remote access to an on-premise app," 2. "Register an app to integrate with Microsoft Entra", 3. "Integrate any other app you don't find (non-gallery)" - I've abbreviated those a bit. So, you can see how it is very unclear what steps we would take. I'm assuming it is option #3, but then it pops up the "Prisma Cloud SSO" as one option to choose "We found the following apps..." So, PLEASE, at the very least, clarify and, if possible, give a good video example, because you are leaving out a LOT of needed info! Thanks

L1 Bithead

Thank you for the feedback. All are good suggestions. I'll included all the necessary information while creating next video. 

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