August 2022 - Monthly Product Management Office Hours - Agentless Security for Cloud Workloads with Prisma Cloud

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August 2022 - Agentless Security for Cloud Workloads with Prisma Cloud

Presented by Aqsa Taylor & Ivan Melia



Many in the security industry have been pondering recently whether “agentless” or “agents” are most effective. The answer is simple: use both for comprehensive security. With that vision in mind, Prisma Cloud is proud to be the first security platform to offer both agent-based and agentless security together from a single solution, giving you and your teams the flexibility and choice to deploy or activate the right method of protection in a mixed environment.

As a part of Prisma Cloud 3.0 launch, we announced the introduction of agentless security in addition to already available agent-based security to provide comprehensive security coverage.


Come learns what the new V2 release brings in this webinar.

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