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Brief Description

Pre-provisioned NGFW DNS proxy configuration


Target Audience

SE, Partner, Customer


Skillet Details

Authoring Group: Datacenter-cloud and virtualization CE
Documentation: https://github.com/ceskillets/DCV-DNS-Proxy/blob/master/README.md

Github Location: https://github.com/ceskillets/DCV-DNS-Proxy.git

Github Branches: master

PAN-OS Supported: v9.0 or greater
Cloud Provider(s) Supported: Enterprise/Private cloud: ESXi, KVM, ACI, Nutanix, OCI, BMaaS, etc.
Type of Skillet: xml

Collections: NGFW setup
Purpose: Configuration



Detail Description

  • Configures the basic settings for a DNS Proxy object
  • (optional) Specifies DNS proxy rules
  • (optional) Supply the DNS Proxy with static FQDN-to-address entries. Static DNS entries allow the firewall to resolve the FQDN to an ip address without sending a query to the DNS server
  • Commit and backup configuration file
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