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Brief Description

Set of simple skillets that can be used to perform simple tasks or as a starting point to learn about skillets. Includes changing the NGFW hostname, instantiate an Ubuntu server, or VM-Series in AWS. Other example skillets include: Python based skillets, workflows, REST API skillets, and more. More examples are being added all the time, so check back often.


Target Audience

User wanting to get the 'Hello World' experience from skillets


Skillet Details


Github Locationhttps://github.com/PaloAltoNetworks/Skillets.git

Github Branches: master

PAN-OS Supported: 8.1, 9.0, 9.1

Cloud Platform Supported: AWS

Type of Skillet: panos, python3, rest, terraform, and workflow
Purpose: library of hello world simple skillets


Detail Description


Hello World for PAN-OS

Simple starter and test skillet that takes the user input of a hostname and updates the NGFW hostname


Single Ubuntu Instance

Use Terraform to instantiate an Ubuntu server in AWS


VM-Series Instantiation in AWS

Use Terraform to instantiate a VM-Series NGFW in AWS



  • The AWS Terraform skillet requires the user input of an access key, secret key, and region
  • VM bootstrapping requires the user has acknowledged all license agreements in the AWS portal
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