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Type=Deny while Action=Allow

When opening iOS Facebook app I''m unable to play a movie... however, from the same device if I login to facbook via browser I can play the video.

I'm trying to find out why the iOS App is getting blocked, as my policies clearly allow it.

Rule iPhones:

 iPhone Policy.JPGIphone Rule allowing all traffic



Traffic Allowed.JPGLog when using Facebook via Chrome



Blocked Traffic.JPGLog when using Facebook via iOS App



Decryption Policy.JPGDecryption Policy


 I'm not sure what I'm missing here. I'm trying to understand what is causing the traffic to be blocked. The only thing I see different is the fact that when the user is using the App PA shows the traffic as SSL and when using the Chrome PA shows it as facebook-Video. However, both should be allowed.


Any ideas? I'm running VM-100 on 7.1.9.





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