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UserID 8.02 and Windows 2016 server problem

L4 Transporter



I know that on this forum few peoples reported that this configuration working (but still isn't supported).


I moved config from my old userid server to new one (everything typed from keyboard) but when I try to start UserID I got error:


 05/30/17 14:05:00:193[ Info 1213]: New connection : 55295.
 05/30/17 14:05:00:209[ Info 1286]: Device thread 0 with : 55295 is started.
 05/30/17 14:05:00:287[ Info 3329]: Device thread 0 accept finished
 05/30/17 14:05:20:943[Error 1464]: end tag </msg> not found

 05/30/17 14:05:20:943[ Info 3231]: Device thread 0 exit due to receive message error -13!
 05/30/17 14:05:20:943[ Info 1609]: Connection : 55295 closed.
 05/30/17 14:05:20:958[ Info 2187]: ------------Service is being stopped------------

How to find missing tag?



In my UserIDAgentConfig.xml there is no any "msg" so how it could be cloed by






Who Me Too'd this topic