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SSL Decrypt & Windows Updates



I've been having a problem with Windows Updates when SSL Decrypt is turned on and I'm wondering if anyone else had to add these "new" Microsoft URL's to the decryption exclusion list. My firewall is on version 8.0.3 and my Windows version is Windows 10 Enterprise 1703 (Build 15063.483). I'm not sure what update package includes SSL Decryption Exclusions but my App & Threats version is 718-4138. All the predefined exclusions are enabled in Device > Certificate Management > SSL Decryption Exclusion


Added URL's:




Once I added these two URL's to the exclusion list Windows Updates was able to check-in to Microsoft's servers, download the updates, and install them successfully. Without these exclusions Windows Updates would say there are no updates available. I'm still doing testing to see if these two URL's are the only ones that need to be excluded in addition to the predefined ones.

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