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UserID - nt authority\accesso anonimo

Hi guys,




panOS 7.1.11 -- UserID agent 7.0.4


I got issue with UserID that is currently receiving identites from UserID Agent.

UserID has already mapped IP address with a specific LDAP user for example "domains.it\test".

Sometimes happens that UserID starting to map the same IP address with this user: "nt authority\accesso anonimo (anonymous access)".


I believe that UserID Agent takes this user from somewhere..but I checked personally:


1. UserID status -- No issues

2. AD -- I didn't find anywhere "nt authority\accesso anonimo"

3. Other users mapped with UserID agent are working properly


I think this is NOT a Palo Alto's issue.


Just per confirmation guys, do you have experienced this behavior before?



Thanks in advance,



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