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Error: Threat database handler failed (Module: device)

L3 Networker

I got two devices 3020 and is running with HA Active/Passive.

First, I have download and install "Application version 384-1877 (07/18/13) and Threat version 384-1877 (07/18/13)" on the Active device and I select Syns ... to peer.

After that, I issue "request restart system" on the passive device.

Next, when the passive device reboot sussesfully, the HA feature is fail and HA is not enable on the passive device.

When I set disable HA Feature on the passive device and re-enable it, but it issue an error

"Error: Threat database handler failed  (Module: device) and commit fail "

Please view figure : threat-database error.png.

Please help me fix this problems


Who Me Too'd this topic