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Complex User-ID Scenario... Ideas? Solutions?

Hey all -

I work for a very large global organization.  Our design for User-ID is such that some locations can use the UID Agent, others can't - and so they use the Agentless, on-box UID.  One issue we have is that we have thousands of what we call "common" and "job" (or, process) accounts that some people use to access remote machines from their machine, map drives to remote machines with, and run local background processes with.

The problem is that when those accounts authenticate, to AD it's a successful login from the user's computer.  That being said, it overwrites their User-to-IP mapping in the firewall and things that they should have access to, they no longer have access to because the account that the Firewall thinks they're logged in as is blocked.  Since the UID Agent / Agentless does not accept / process wildcards, that put us into a management nightmare scenario...From everything I can find, just about our only option is to create a seriously large list of these accounts and maintain it.  It won't be so difficult from the UID Agent perspective because it's just a txt file with one entry per line, however, with many of our locations being Agentless, it presents one heck of a nightmare.

My question is - has anyone else come upon a similar scenario?  And, if so, how are you handling it?

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?  I thought that the Agent / Agentless could ignore users based on a group that I tell it to ignore but that also does not appear to be the case.. (One thought was to put all these accounts in a common group to use for this purpose).

Thanks a bunch!!


Who Me Too'd this topic