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New minemeld deploy unable to login to GUI

L4 Transporter

Used OVA to deploy it on ESXi.  Default admin/minemeld did not work after deployment and NO changes.  Gives the message "ERROR CHECKING CREDENTIALS: Bad Gateway"


Logged in via CLI and ran the following:

ubuntu@minemeld:~$ sudo htpasswd /opt/minemeld/local/config/api/wsgi.htpasswd admin
New password:
Re-type new password:
Updating password for user admin

ubuntu@minemeld:~$ sudo -u minemeld /opt/minemeld/engine/current/bin/supervisorctl -c /opt/minemeld/supervisor/config/supervisord.conf restart minemeld-web
minemeld-web: stopped
minemeld-web: ERROR (abnormal termination)

Still cant login after changing the password.  

Who Me Too'd this topic