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Allow iOS Ring doorbell

L1 Bithead


I'm looking for a proper way to allow the iOS Ring app to connect back to the video feed from an iOS device. Android phones work with no issue.


The problem is that it reports the web URL category as "unknown" which I am currently blocking.

I wrote my policy (below) to allow ssl traffic for all unauthenticated users (mobile devices) to connect to the Ring IP address range, and assigned a new URL filtering policy that mirrors our current URL filtering policy, with the exception that "unknown" category is set to Alert instead of block.


Ring Policy.PNG


Is there a more proper way to do this?

The Ring ports are here:

Specifically the iOS ports TCP out 80, 443, 5223, 15064 and UDP out 53, 123, 18306 - 63919

Ring IP range:

Who Me Too'd this topic