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L2 Linker

Won't process CSV files

I blew away my VM and reloaded it with an OVA our PA SE created for us.  It installed and functioned just like the one I had created and tried the first half of the week, but I wanted to start with a clean slate.  I'm using the specs from the Workstation image of 1 cpu, 1.5Gb RAM, 40Gb disk.  v1.0.84


I did the following:

Created the M.learning /data directory and used chown to set permissions for www-data

Created the /logs directory and set permissions with chmod 777

SCP'd a file from the firewall to Expedition (138MB)

Created the Device

Created API key, saved

Retrieved Contents, saved

Defined m.learning directory to search, saved

Checked the box on the csv to  process

Clicked process.  Button changed color, nothing happens.  Still says Ready.

Settings, Jobs only shows retrieving the contents of the Device.


This is the same issue I had on the last image I used.

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