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LSVPN Satellite Reconnection Time

L2 Linker

Does anyone know how to decrease the time between LSVPN Satellite connection attempts?


If one of our satellites drops off (e.g. reboot/power outage/etc), after it comes back up it will take up to an hour to connect to it's nominated Gateway. Also, if the Gateway is rebooted (e.g. after hours mainteance) it takes up to an hour before all of the satellites re-connect.


Currently the 'Configuration refresh' internal is set to 2 hours for the Gateway.

I'm unclear if this configuration option affects the actual reconnection times - I imagine it would act as a 'worst case' scenario where the Satellite would be forced to reconnect to attempt to refresh config? 


I'm hoping there's a method of setting the LSVPN Satellite "re-connect timer" down to about 5 minutes or so, as currently it's very painful when there's a reboot. Remoting in to manually click 'Reconnect to Gateway' is not a feasuible option, as the Satellite's are installed in branch offices with non-technically-literate people and the Management interfaces are not available via WAN.


IPSec tunnels seem to reconnect much quicker. I was considering having an IPSec tunnel from each of the ~50 Satellites back to a central point to maintain a management interface, so I can manually click "Reconnect to Gateway" - but then why even both using LSVPN, if we have IPSec tunnels to all devices?


Edit - been through 2 TAC cases so far with no solid answers to any of the above



Who Me Too'd this topic