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TLS 1.3 is Coming - How to deal with it????

L6 Presenter

My security counter parts came to me letting me know that in Chrome version 70.X+ TLS 1.3 will be turned on by default.  This appears to be causing problems in our current firewall deployment:


A/P HA-par 5220s running 8.0.10 (soon to be 8.0.12).


It looks like Google has released an article describing what's going on:


In this article it highlights how Cisco FirePower devices can be configured to avoid issue.  Does anyone know how to correct this in Palo?



Here is the error the users get (TLS1.3 Downgrade detected)






This is the traffic log for the user traffic.  "Webmail" access is allowed, and we're doing SSL decryption.




Who Me Too'd this topic