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Security Policy - with Service\URL category configuration

L0 Member

 I have a Security policy rule configured as below

1.source and destination any

2. User - any

3. Application - Any

4. Service ports open for http

5. Url category allowing access to custom created URL category in which only search engines google and bing's URL is defined

6. Action - Allow

7. Profile - Nill

Note that the URL category is configured in Service/URL category

I understand this policy will allow access to google and bing on http

My query is

1. Will this policy allow traffic on port 80 on other applications other than browser

2. Will this policy only allow traffic to google and bing on port 80 on web browser

3. If traffic is generated in port 80 using other application will this policy allow that traffic to other destinations other than google and bing.

Who Me Too'd this topic