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AWS IPSec Tunnel success?

L4 Transporter

Hello folks,


I am so close to a successful AWS IPSec tunnel to my on premise (test) PA200 7.1.15.


I've downloaded the configuration file and using it as a guide, IPs, etc.

But I've been using this article to configure.  Main difference is I created a specific AWS zone like I do for all my IPSec Tunnels.


I am able to access my on premise environment from the AWS EC2 instance, but not from on premise to AWS EC2

I can't ping it or connect to the EC2 via RDP.  I see the ping tries in traffic log, but nothing shows up in packet trace for the RDP attempts.  <UPDATE>  Resolved after correcting IPs for PBF and RDP connection from LAN.


AWS has two VPN connections for redundancy.  I have both configured and active.

NOTE:  My Azure IPSec tunnel works great!



Configured tunnel interfaces according to AWS text document.



Configured tunnel monitor profile.



Configured PBF like referenced in documentation. <Corrected>



Configured Static routes for both VPN connections (different metric).



Created security rules in and out for AWS zone, open.



No additional NAT rules.  Just basic outbound internet rule to Untrust.  <corrected>


A ping from a VM inside my LAN ages out.  Nothing shows up when I try to RDP, including a packet trace, not even a drop file.



Who Me Too'd this topic