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Convert from vwire to layer 3 for globalprotect.

L2 Linker

I'm trying to put together a plan of action to get globalprotect to work for us. I have a work ticket open with PA. Our PA firewall is currently deployed in a VWire setup, on the lan side of our router. Here are my big questions for getting this accomplished.

1) If I switch the vwire to layer 3 can I migrate the security profile name so I don't have to re-write every security policy?

2) Can the establishment of a virtual router on the layer 3 interface disrupt existing routes established by our physical router? This may be a silly question here. I'm just wondering if establishing a virtual router behind our physical one would disrupt or block any existing traffic routes, or if it would only momentarily establish new routes with RIP or the like.

Who Me Too'd this topic