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Application and Threat update failing

L1 Bithead



I am trying to update my content (Application and Threat) under Dynamic update, however it is continuosly failing with the below error,

Enqueued Dequeued ID Type Status Result Completed
2019/02/07 19:43:17 19:43:17 125645 Content FIN FAIL 19:43:24
Details:Failed to update content with following message: encfilesize is 47069424
No matching apps package found in panupv2-all-contents-8120-5288.tgz
exiting with 255


-Till now, I have performed the following steps for updating this VIA CLI however no luck;



A license fetch will trigger a content update and a forced license update can be achieved with the following commands:

> request license fetch


Download and install the content:

> request content upgrade check

> request content upgrade download latest

> request content upgrade install version latest



Thank you.



Who Me Too'd this topic