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Both LACP interface ethernet1/2 moved out of AE-group

L2 Linker

We've a PA-3050 up and running for over a year now. It is configured with an agregated interface with LACP enabled (mode active, transmission rate Fast). These interfaces are attacheced to a procurve 5406 where the interfaces on the procurve are configured as a trunk of the type lacp.


This was running fine till now. Last 3 days the connection on the aggregated interface was gone for about 10 minutes. During this period the system log is filled with these kind of messages:


lacp-up,ethernet1/1,0,0,general,critical,LACP interface ethernet1/1 moved into AE-group ae1
lacp-up,ethernet1/2,0,0,general,critical,LACP interface ethernet1/2 moved into AE-group ae1
nego-fail,ethernet1/2,0,0,general,critical,LACP interface ethernet1/2 moved out of AE-group ae1
nego-fail,ethernet1/1,0,0,general,critical,LACP interface ethernet1/1 moved out of AE-group ae1


I found this article, and this seems to be the case. (the l2ctrld.log is filled up with these messages). However: I have no idear how to fix this.



show lacp local

LACP Local Information.

System ID: 001ffe-854700

LACP Tx Rx Timer
Port Trunk Mode Aggregated Timer Expired
---- ------ -------- ----------- ------ --------
A3 Trk2 Active Yes Fast No
A4 Trk2 Active Yes Fast No


show lacp peer

LACP Peer Information.

System ID: 001ffe-854700

Local Local Port Oper LACP Tx
Port Trunk System ID Port Priority Key Mode Timer
------ ------ -------------- ----- --------- ------- -------- -----
A3 Trk2 d4f4be-407901 16 32768 48 Active Fast
A4 Trk2 d4f4be-407901 17 32768 48 Active Fast


Palo Alto: 

show lacp aggregate-ethernet ae1


AE group: ae1
Members: Bndl Rx state Mux state Sel state
ethernet1/1 yes Current Tx_Rx Selected
ethernet1/2 yes Current Tx_Rx Selected
Status: Enabled
Mode: Active
Rate: Fast
Max-port: 8
Fast-failover: Disabled
Pre-negotiation: Disabled
Local: System Priority: 32768
System MAC: d4:f4:be:40:79:01
Key: 48
Partner: System Priority: 18176
System MAC: 00:1f:fe:85:47:00
Key: 291
Port State
Interface Port
Number Priority Mode Rate Key State
ethernet1/1 16 32768 Active Fast 48 0x3F
Partner 3 0 Active Slow 291 0x3D

ethernet1/2 17 32768 Active Fast 48 0x3F
Partner 4 0 Active Slow 291 0x3D

Port Counters
Interface LACPDUs Marker Marker Response Error
Sent Recv Sent Recv Sent Recv Unknown Illegal
ethernet1/1 390044 11674573 0 0 0 0 0 0
ethernet1/2 390048 11674600 0 0 0 0 0 0

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