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Pan Commit Changes By User

L2 Linker

An intriguing feature of PAN OS 8.0.9 is the ability to commit your own changes as opposed to all candidate config. This would be great because it's often that two or more engineers will have changes that overlap pending the approval chain. But if I click on Commit Changes Made By (my user ID) - and then try to Preview Changes, I get an error like:

Status Completed
Result Failed
  • This operation is blocked because of following changes by other administrators:
  • WorkAway-17 modified by babadoo in vsys vsys1 rulebase security rules
  • To proceed with the operation, please select all of these administrators


Because the preview doesn't work for the individual user, I haven't pressed ahead to actually commit my changes. Is it the case that Commit works but not the Preview Changes? Or is the whole thing just not ready for prime time? Or could I be misunderstanding the purpose and value of the Commit Changes Made By: widget? 


Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic