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Cannot add device PAN-OS 9.0

L2 Linker

Hello to all,


I am doing a migration of PA-820 on version 9.0 as a device. However, when adding the username and password it gives me a remote exception error.. I can ping the management interface from the firewall to expedition and vice versa. I also tried using the API key, I generated it and add it. However, when I click retrieve contents, it did not retrieve any file (expedition agent is up).  The user is a super user local admin on the FW.


1- Where I can see the log of the possible error?? (complete linux path please - will like to see a guide about this)

2- Is there a limitation of Expedition for version 9.0 of adding it as a device? I haave another firewall in PAN-OS 8.1 added. I upgrade it to 9.0 and I was able to retrieve the contents (already had the API key in 8.1). Also, I am able to import the  XML of 9.0 without any problems.

3- Please advise on how ti fix. I saw other posts about this, but they said just to upgrade. Will do that if I have time.


Expedition version: 1.1.10

PA8-820 version: 9.0


@alestevez Please take a look to the post.


In the meantime, I am importing / exporting the XML file, however this is slowing a bit my migration process..




API keys addedAPI keys addedNo info retrievedNo info retrieved

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