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Blocking snake was the easiest so far, threat signature..medium threat and drop it...I never truly realized the depth of games that exist in the browser for Chrome.


I might need to chalk this one up for management to actually manage their people.


Appreciate the help all.




So far I've been able to block all the games, set up Fiddler and used the /fnbx/snake_arcade as my base and worked backwards.


I created a threat signature with three or conditions.

http-req-uri-path /fnbx/snake_arcade

http-req-uri-path /logos/2010/pacman10-hp.html

http-req-uri-path /logos/fnbx (This one seems to be the one to kill all of them.)


Once I added that third site, any of the ones google offered failed to load.  The driedel game loaded but nothing actually happened.


Thanks for the tip all..hopefully this helps.

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Who rated this post