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We have recently installed a Polycom RPAD device in DMZ. However, H323 calls coming from certain mobile networks (3G, 4G) dont seem to work. From the logs we can see that the signalling establishes the call but media never reaches the RPAD. Further digging into the problem, we did packet captures and can see that the firewall is dropping the RTP stream even though this is allowed by the policies. The dropped traffic is not shown on the GUI/Monitoring page.


While checking Global Counters I can see below error:


(active)> show counter global filter delta yes packet-filter yes severity drop


Global counters:

Elapsed time since last sampling: 6.947 seconds


name                                   value     rate severity  category  aspect    description


flow_predict_convert_rtp_drop           1013      145 drop      flow      pktproc   Packets matching rtp/rtcp predicts of sip are dropped due to waiting for predicts merging.

flow_fpga_ingress_exception_err            9        1 drop      flow      offload   Packets dropped: receive ingress exception error from offload processor


Total counters shown: 2


Any help would be apprecited as this is delaying our Migrations.




Ashutosh Dwivedi

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