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L1 Bithead



The default HIP check interval is 1 hour or as seen in the PanGPS logs is displayed in miliseconds as 3600000 ms.  The following is what the default interval would look like in the PanGPS logs:


 (T11392) 10/03/17 14:16:54:277 Debug(6007): Hip check interval is 3600000 ms.


To change the default interval time this would be modified on the Portal configuration using the following CLI commands:


 debug global-protect portal interval <seconds>
 debug global-protect portal on
 commit force



- The new HIP interval will affect all users and all portals

- This setting will remain even after a firewall reboot

- To verify the settings change in the CLI use:


> debug global-protect portal show True 60    ( here I changed the setting to update every 60 seconds )

Who rated this post