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Connecting FW on PAN-OS 9.0.1 to Cortex Data Lake (logging Services)

L6 Presenter

I've sucesfully connected FW 8.1.x to Data lake but am having issues connecting one on 9.0.1. Both are managed by the same Panorama (PAN-OS 9.0.1). The difference is that on non-working one I have disabled Panorma Policy and Objects. But logging service setting is under template setting anyway. 


License seems to be ok. First error says "No certificate found" but there isn't any certificate configuration required for logging service. The second error says "Logging Service Preference List is malformed". No idea how to check/fix that.


Any Ideas? 


The status it shows is:



@PA-3060> request logging-service-forwarding status

Logging Service Licensed: Yes
Logging Service forwarding enabled: Yes
Duplicate logging enabled: No
Enhanced application logging enabled: Yes

Logging Service License Status:
        Status: success
        Expiration date: June 22, 2019
        Msg: License is valid
        Last Fetched: 2019/05/16 10:44:43




Logging Service Certificate information: 
         No certificate found

Logging Service Customer file information: 
        Info: Failed to fetch ingest/query FQDN for customer (curl failed)
        Status: failure
        Last Fetched: 2019/05/20 10:01:07

Logging Service Preference List is malformed


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