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User ID agent not starting.

L1 Bithead

I am setting up backup user-id agent 8.1.10-2 on Windows 2016 Standard server.

I have given all the required access to the user-id agent admin account but its not working / refusing to start.

I am using the same credential on existing UID agent 7.0.8-13 running on Windows 2008 R2 and it runs fine.


I attaching error messgae when starting UID service and corresponding log generated in UID logs.







09/05/19 09:42:52:190[ Info 2357]: ------------Service is being started------------
09/05/19 09:42:52:190[ Info 2364]: Os version is 6.2.0.
09/05/19 09:42:52:190[Error 675]: Cannot open config reg log key with error 5(Access is denied.
09/05/19 09:42:52:190[Error 2382]: Start error -1!!
09/05/19 09:42:52:190[Error 764]: Device listening thread stops timeout

Who Me Too'd this topic