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Wildfire Public Cloud - email

L3 Networker

We’ve recently upgraded our PAN from 8.0.4 to the latest version (8.1.13) successfully.


Now the issue is that we’ve been getting an email stating that “registering Wildfire Public Cloud has been successfully” every 20 minutes.


Is there a way to make this particular email to stop?


Subject: INV-FW1 - SYSTEM ALERT : medium : Successfully registered to Public Cloud

domain: 1
receive_time: 2020/02/28 16:57:28
serial: 012001004743
seqno: 3597815
actionflags: 0x0
type: SYSTEM
subtype: wildfire
config_ver: 0
time_generated: 2020/02/28 16:57:28
dg_hier_level_1: 0
dg_hier_level_2: 0
dg_hier_level_3: 0
dg_hier_level_4: 0
device_name: INV-FW1
vsys_id: 0
eventid: wildfire-conn-success
fmt: 0
id: 0
module: general
severity: medium
opaque: Successfully registered to Public Cloud


Also I tested the wildfire connection and it is successful.



djthirl@INV-FW1> test wildfire registration

This test may take a few minutes to finish. Do you want to continue? (y or n)


Test wildfire Public Cloud


        Testing cloud server ...

        wildfire registration:         successful

        download server list:          successful

        select the best server:

Who Me Too'd this topic