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Replace a panorama managed device with a new device (different model)

Hi All,

We need to replace old PA2020 (PAN-OS 5.0.10) that is managed via Panorama (PAN-OS 6.0) with new PA3020.

Referring to Panorama adminstrator guide 6.0, "How do I replace Panorama or a managed device in the event of a hadrware failure/RMA?"


1) Can device state export from a PA2020 be import into PA3020 (new device)

2) Should we use Panorama CLI "replace device old <old SN#> new <new SN#>"


Manually add this new PA3020 SN# to Panorama. Then issue Panorama CLI "rename device-group <Groupname> device <OLD SN#> to <new SN#>

3) Any other steps that we need, beside those mentioned in Panorama admin guide?

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