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MineMeld txt from IIS


I am trying to setup a static list i am updating a txt file hosted in IIS (from output in our IDS service) on IP's I would like to block. I have tried to supply the list directly to EDL list from IIS (created txt via so may ways - including in Linux and transfering file to IIS) but firewall sees the list, and ignores them all. I opened a support case, but palo alto stated I would have to do it with minemeld

Total valid entries : 0
Total ignored entries : 413
Total invalid entries : 0
Total displayed entries : 100
Ignored ips:


Minemeld - I created everything to pull in the list - but still empty. I will post minemeld config shortly - just cropped up with new error and engine will not load -ANTLR runtime and generated code versions disagree: 4.8!=4.7.1


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