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GlobalProtect gateway limit

L1 Bithead

We have a pair of PA-850 firewalls, and we are running into an error when pushing configuration from Panorama that contains 7 GP gateways (6 external and 1 internal), and 6 portals.


. global-protect -> global-protect-gateway -> GlobalProtect AlwaysOn constraints failed : Maximum number of GlobalProtect gateway configuration exceeded


The only related documentation I can find is, which states that the number of "external" gateways for a PA-850 is limited to 12. We have spoken with support, and they insist that the limit is gateway + portal, even though I can continue to add ports and push the config to our PA-850 with no issues, and that it is in direct contradiction with what the published documentation states. I have also tested by deleting 2 portals (4 remaining) and still cannot add a 6th external gateway, with 1 internal gateway.


We are getting no help from support, and getting frustrated with the lack of a path to resolution. I can accept it if the gateway limit is indeed 6 (or combined limit of 12 for gateway + portal), as long as it is states clearly as such in any published documentation.


Anyone else ran into a similar situation?

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