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Packets being denied intermittently.

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My company has had an issue for over a year and Palo Alto cant figure it out.  We're using Azure's Palo Alto offering.


* We have a security rule that is sourced from our trusted paas  and destined  to Azures Paas storage.  Port 1433 app id: mssql db encrypted.

* Multiple times a week traffic all of a sudden goes from being allowed under a specific rule to being  denied without changes being made.(its being denied under interzone-default  policy which of course is deny.

* The only way to fix the issue is to make any change and hit commit, then the packets start hitting the rule again.

*  We put a fall back rule source any destination any port 1433 and any application and this still doesn't resolve the issue.

* Packets hitting other rules with different ports and app id's doesn't have this issue only packets.


Has anyone experienced this issue? 

Who Me Too'd this topic