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Logging - advise if CPU load same regardless of log export method HTTP(s) Syslog and Netflow logging

L2 Linker

Hello Experts,


I tried to find any information to assist with understanding if some log export protocols taxing CPU (Management and DP) more then others. Perhaps ones DP pass log events to MP it is for Management to package and ship the logs, therefore, as long as some rules has logging enabled, the DP load will be the same regardless of the protocol used.

1. Is there any information to help with estimates on additional CPU load for Syslog log destinations? What about HTTP log destinations?

2. Can I save some CPU using TCP vs UDP syslog? Any other fiddling? Obviously logging on session end only will generate 2x less log amount.


The platforms in question are 8xx and 30xx.

Regards Serg.


Some notes:

  • List of logging protocols from documentation - Use External Services for Monitoring
  • Point in time stats via "show running logging"
  • KB listing "platform limits" here - Panorama Sizing and Design Guide It is also referencing CLI tool - "To check the log rate of a single firewall, download the attached file named "", unpack the zip file and reference the README.txt file for instructions. This package will query a single firewall over a specified period of time (you can choose how many samples) and give an average number of logs per second for that period. At minimum this script should be run for 24 consecutive hours on a business day."
Who Me Too'd this topic