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A few things to note with Clustering:

1) This is a stopgap and really isn't full cluster support. The feature will be fleshed out more in future releases. 

2) The primary focus here is session survivability between multiple DCs, if you can support your particular deployment via Active/Passive or Active/Active that's preferred by support.

3) Clusters only support layer3 or vwire, layer2 is not supported. 

4) Clusters don't syncing configuration between cluster members. Clustering in PAN sense is really just for session sync between cluster members for seamless session failover. Generally through Panorama or manual templating if you aren't using panorama. 

5) Zones need to be exactly the same between cluster members, otherwise the session will be dropped when it's sync'd between peers. 


If you aren't running a dynamic routing protocol this isn't going to be for you. In standalone a failure would put all device links in a non-functional state and pass session ownership to the peer member. Link and path monitoring can either be set to go NF or not depending on your requirements, but it would be recommended since clusters don't monitor of NF state and could cause looping. 

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