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Google LDAP Auth for Global Protect

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Has anyone been able to use the Google LDAP service for authentication for GlobalProtect users?  I haven't been able to get the firewall to successfully connect to the Google LDAP service.  Google suggests cert based authentication to the service and provides a cert but the firewall rejects the import with the following error 


"Import of google-ldap failed. Only self signed CA certificates can have identical subject and issuer fields."


I have also attempted a test via the cli and get the following.


admin@fw01> test authentication authentication-profile gsuite-ldap username xyz password
Enter password : 

Target vsys is not specified, user "xyz" is assumed to be configured with a shared auth profile.

Do allow list check before sending out authentication request...
name "xyz" is in group "all"

Authentication to LDAP server at for user "xyz"
Type of authentication: GSSAPI
Starting LDAPS connection...
Failed to create a session with LDAP server
Authentication failed against LDAP server at for user "xyz"

Authentication failed for user "xyz"


Any help would be much appreciated!

Who Me Too'd this topic