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Cyber Elite

Hi @Joni_Larned ,


This is the whole purpose of "SSL/TLS Service Profile".

-  You select a certificate in the service profile and use this profile everywher you need.

- When you need to renew/change the certificate you change it only in the service profile, which apply to all locations where this profile is being used.


In addition - you cannot refrence certificate anywhere except ssl/tls service profile. So you don't have to worrie that you need to change the certificate anywhere else.


So what you need to do is:

- Find the ssl/tls service profile which is using the certificate that needs to be replaced

- Edit it and select from the dropdown your new certificate

- Commit and push config

- You should be able to old ceritifcate now

- (optional) now you can renew your new cert (removing "new_") name. This should automaticaly reflect in the service profile, but you can go and doublecheck if profile is using the update name. Commit and push to have it on the FW.

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