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Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Hi Group


Apologies for any lateness in my responses, but I hope they are still welcomed. 😛


The 2 areas that I think are the core of the PANW security solutions are the STRATA and PRISMA areas.

Strata meaning the enterprise products, with the FWs, Panorama, virtualization of the firewalls, containerized firewalls, etc.

Prisma (specifically Primsa Access) builds upon the core function of FWs rule, Panorama deployment, VPNs, so that in (today's Covid aware) enterprise environments, the question of "How do I secure my remote users and branches, without compromising security", or having a single/consistent security posture, a single/consistent mobile user experience"


As I get the time, it is very important, with today's cloud based virtualization (IaaS)  that companies that develop or deploy code ensure that their public cloud is protected.




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