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Issues with Device Telemetry

L1 Bithead

I have an HA pair (active/passive) of PA3250s (no Panorama) and just recently upgraded to PanOS 10.0.6 from 9.1.9. I configured the device telemetry and downloaded the new certificates for both firewalls. Telemetry is working great on my primary firewall, however, the secondary is failing every time with the error code "CDL Receiver Key Empty". I have opened a support case but have not had much luck. We verified the location is set to "Americas" instead of "americas" and all of the other settings seem to match the working firewall. Has anyone else seen this before? I've attached a screenshot and the text from the email that is generated below.



domain: 1
receive_time: 2021/08/18 08:52:02
seqno: 1608892
actionflags: 0x0
type: SYSTEM
subtype: device-telemetry
config_ver: 0
time_generated: 2021/08/18 08:52:02
high_res_timestamp: 2021-08-18T08:52:02.000-04:00
dg_hier_level_1: 0
dg_hier_level_2: 0
dg_hier_level_3: 0
dg_hier_level_4: 0
vsys_id: 0
eventid: send-failed
fmt: 0
id: 0
module: general
severity: critical
opaque: Failed to send: file 'PA_016301001973_dt_10.0.6_20210817_1607_4-hr-interval_HOUR.tgz'.
dg_id: 0
tpl_id: 0

Who Me Too'd this topic