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Variables is DNS Proxy rule?

L2 Linker



My question would be, is it possible to use template variables to set primary end secondary dns for DNS proxy rules in Panorama?


I can set a static entrys' IP address value to a variable defined in the template, but can't find the way to do the same for proxy rules.


Context: Our branch offices each have their on subnet, doman controllers and Palo Alto FWs. Subnets and IP addresses are standarized, Office 1 DC1 has IP of, Office2 DC1 has, etc. The DCs have their own template variable, let's say $DC01


The clients use the firewalls DNS proxy for DNS queries, however I want some queries for specific domains to be forwarded to the local DC, instead of the primary DNS server of the DNS proxy.


Of course I can override the configuration of the DNS Proxy object on the local firewall, but I would like to avoid that, it would make the template variables and the whole central management concept unusable.


Thanks in advance



Who Me Too'd this topic