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WinRM-HTTP Connection Refused

L2 Linker



I'm using agentless user-id with a Windows Server 2012 AD through WMI, we recently updated the server, and it started throwing Authentication Error 10036 flooding our Windows logs. We've searched and troubleshooted the problem for a long time and nothing worked, the only workaround that we think might work is to change the authentication protocol from WMI to WinRM-HTTP. (We cannot roll back the update for vulnerability requirements)


We used this guide to set up the configuration, and once we committed we're getting "Connection Refused(0)". The user-id logs are not specifying the error, just a "connection failed, error=0"

Likewise, we also troubleshooted everything, from the configs to the service account having the correct permissions as per Palo Alto's recommendation, and still.


Any ideas?



Who Me Too'd this topic