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Migratiing to Palo Alto from Azure and Barracuda

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Hi there!


New to Palo Alto and currently doing a migration piece for 4 types of firewalls. Barracuda, Fortigate, Chekcpoint and Azure.


The team will be using Expedition tool to perform the migrations for Checkpoint and Fortigate, however I would like to ask people on this forum if my ideas are correct for Azure and Barracuda..


I have 3 options as I see it for the Azure / Barracudas...


1. Write a script to convert into a form expedition understands, and import by file

2. Write a script that Palo Alto firewalls can import directly

3. Do it manually (there are a lot of rules)


My ideal solution option 1 but people will have more knowledge than me!


Also I was thinking of using the test policy rules that come with Palo Alto to test my routes through the CLI as I dont want to put these things live before I have tested this migration..


Really appreciate anyone's help as I am a real newbie! 🙂





Who Me Too'd this topic