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do you happen to notice any CPU spike when you start Visual Studio? , and also if you identified the scope of the issue (on how many endpoints) and they all experience the same, then i would have a TAC case open to look at this specific issue and run some analysis, you may proactively collect some logs from one of the impacted endpoints and submit those to your ticket, something like:


1. Raise the log level -

cytool trace stop

cytool trace set all verbose 0x7FFFFFF

cytool trace start


2. Run ProcMon, and reproduce the issue in full


3. Save the ProcMon capture and close ProcMon.


4. Turn off / exclude the responsible component


5. Run ProcMon again to capture the behavior.


6. Collect the agent support file & .PML files.


7. Reset the logging level -

cytool trace stop

cytool trace reset

cytool trace start

And have those uploaded to the TAC case for further analysis. 


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Who Me Too'd this solution