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PanOS upgrade strategy

L2 Linker

Hi All,

We are running PA firewalls + Panorama + Prisma Access in our environment. Our aim is to upgrade our cloud prisma plugin to 3.0 for additional features, however we are not getting the best approach to do this. 

Our existing environment is : 

DeviceCurrent versionExpected Version
Bunch of firewalls in HA pairs9.1.810.1.4-h4
Cloud Services Plugin2.1.0-h12.preferred3.0 preferred
Dataplane version10.0.3-
VM-series Plugin 2.0.4-


How should one approach this ?

(1) Upgrade the Panorama + Plugins gradually ( 9 ---> 10.0 --->10.1 etc ) keeping the firewalls as is and then once Panorama + Plugins are upgraded we target the firewalls. 

(2) Upgrade the Panorama + Plugins + Firewalls all at once 

(3) Any other options ( we can have 0 downtime )

Who Me Too'd this topic