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@rtsedaka wrote:

What a great opportunity for us to get another source of info! Thank you for that. 


I have some very specific config questions. I would like to know the best way to get some expert help. Is there a suggested action I should take?



Hello @rtsedaka ,

As security professionals, its best to make sure we dont give out too much information publicly. If you can obfuscate or change the data I would say go ahead and post it into the community. 


My public ip is and want to nat to an internal server ip, how would I do that? Just make sure these are not your ip's, or use use x.x.x.x, y.y.y.y., etc. Or if you screen capture, you can block out certain parts. What I do is do a screen capture, open in paint, then block out the bits I dont want public, then screen capture again. This way you cannot de-obfuscate the blocked out bits.


If its a question that you cannot truly change or obfuscate, I would say support is the best method.


That said we are here to help!


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Who Me Too'd this solution