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auto commit issues after upgrade to 10.x

L2 Linker



We started to experience auto commit finishing delay on our PA-5220 after the upgrade to 10.x.  We have a pair of HA PA-5220 in active/passive mode, we never had an auto commit issue before in previous updates, reboots of the firewalls. We have upgraded numerous times before from 8.x all the way to 10.x.  In our recent upgrade to 10.1.x, three of the four firewalls failed on the initial auto commit, of those two of the three eventually finished after retrying a few times in about 10 minutes, one of them though took about 60 minutes to complete.  


I know it's published that it may take 30 minutes for auto commit to finish, but in our case we actually never seen it go over more than 5 minutes in the PA-5220 until the upgrade to 10.x.  When it was failing to auto commit the following error was present on all three firewalls but did eventually cleared by itself. i


configured traffic quota of 0 MB is less than the minimum 32 MB.
Invalid configuration. Please fix errors and try again.
Failed to commit policy to device


in our case this was not service impacting, since it was on HA pair but we do have standalone firewalls that if they are stuck at auto committing then it would be service impacting.


Support basically said this is acceptable/normal.


I just want to know if this is the new normal now for us and to set expectations as such, and what others experience is with auto commit finishing. 



Who Me Too'd this topic