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Global Protect not working with MacOS Sonoma

L0 Member

Hello folks, 


i have a massive issue with GLobalProtect since the MacOS Sonoma Upgrade. It does not connect to the VPN Service. It tries to connect for a minute or so, but than it just says it can not. I don't even get to the part to insert a user or password. 



I checked to official website, and the client my company is using is 6.0.7-372, which should work with Sonoma. 

My IT support basically gave up, since im using a workaround (remote desktop windows -> remote desktop company) and the VPN account in general works. 


Any ideas? I can not find much clues to solve this for Sonoma. There are some for Ventura and before, but they all don't work. 




Who Me Too'd this topic