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Bulk upload of set commands in PAN-OS

L3 Networker

Hello All,
I'm working on a migration that requires me to breakout one large SRX config into a PAN-OS config while implimenting multiple VSYS instances.  I am managing the configuration via Panorama, so I've got a base config out of the migration tool for the policies and I have that in a conversion device group.  I'm using a CLI output of set commands for this device group, identifying the rules I want to migrate to a new device-group in Panorama, then searching the sets I need in the conversion device group CLI output, copying them to notepad, changing the device-group name, and re-uploading the rules into a new device-group.  I'm doing this in a lab version of Panorama.  I then take a named configration snapshot, upload that to my production Panorama and do a load config partial to copy the rules from my lab config into my production config.


This method works great for me, and the migration process has gone great so far.  The time consumer here, though, is this method only allows me to upload 2 rules worth of set commands at a time in the CLI without throughing errors.  Does PAN-OS have a way for me to take all of my set commands in a txt file and upload them into the configuration all at once?    

Who Me Too'd this topic