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New Global Protect 3.0 is not good enough

L2 Linker

I was looking forwad to the 'new and improved' Global Protect. 


I am still very dissapointed at how it works from a UI standpoint. 


When I am connected to the VPN how do I disconnect? Is there a button hiding around in this awful GUI? The only way I know of is to go to the task bar and do it from there. Can anyone please let me know of another way?


Why Am I able to resize the GUI so it's smaller than the minimal size required? It's not a deal breaker but really just signs of shoddy programming. 





The user's need 1 button - Connect. 


Once the VPN is connected change the button to Disconnect. 


I wish you would hurry up and design it so it's something like Anyconnect:





Here's my post from last year wondering about the same problems, I was hoping that PA engineers were listening but I'm still waiting for a Global Protect application that's as equal quality to the rest of the PA platform.




Who Me Too'd this topic