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Unable to see traffic in the Monitor tab-->Traffic section under 'Logs'



We have setup Palo Alto Firewall version 7.0 virtual appliance. we have configured two networks ehernet1/1 (10.10.2.x/24) and ethernet1/2(10.10.3.x/24). We have created a policy to allow traffic between these two networks and are able to ping across the firewall and do data transfer between two machines however we do not see any trafffic under 'MONITOR' tab in 'Traffic' section.

We are able to see traffic in MONITOR--> App Scope--> Network Monitor.


Is it necessary to apply Auth code under license for us to see the traffic? my understanding is that it can show upto 200 sessions without the auth code. 


Please help urgently.


many thanks,




Who Me Too'd this topic